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Introductory and thumbnails page
United Kingdom - Prehistoric and Ancient
Cerne Chesters

United Kingdom - up to 15th century
Anonymous Abson Queniborough Painswick Claybrooke Bartholomaeus Lincoln Northampton
Northampton Sloane Queen Mary Master Taymouth Gorleston

United Kingdom - 16th Century
Margam Hilliard

United Kingdom - 17th Century

United Kingdom - 18th Century
Blake Deare Wedgewood Anonymous 18th Nollekens

United Kingdom - 19th Century
Etty Gibson Herring Rennie Theed G. Richmond Watts Paton
Millais Leighton Burne Jones Poynter Holiday Solomon Walker Blake Richmond
Crane Swan Foster Waterhouse De Morgan Thornycroft Hughes O. Ford
Gilbert Bosdet Tuke Goscombe Wardle Duncan Meteyard Beardsley
Sleigh Parker Knight Anonymous 19th Rolfe Pomeroy Anonymous
United Kingdom - 20th Century
Dick Gill Philpot Grant 1 Grant 2 Grant 3 Burra Bacon
Buchanan Vaughan Osborne Edwards Anonymous 20th Happy Face Munnings Detmold
Wood Bannerman Chubb Wadsworth Gillick Hill Samuelson Hutter
United Kingdom - Living Artists
Freud Cayford Leonard Payne Hockney Godfrey Shanahan Gilbert & George
Stennett Vesely Bird Lidbury Stradling Ewie Gayton Holland
Satchwill Tedder Birmingham Tamer Tupton Howson Potter Potter
Stead Whatley Allam Middleton

Ireland - old
Kells Ballycloghduff Unknown

Ireland - up to 20th century
Elmore McCarthy

Ireland - Living Artists
Blackshaw Swan Antony

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